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FD620D and FE290D motors ready to ship

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          Specializing in Reconditioning John Deere Gators and Sales of Used John Deere Gator Parts and Used John Deere AMT Parts. I work on and deal in **GATORS AND AMTS ONLY** Rectangular headlight machines. Do you have a '93 to '03 6x4 or 4x2 Gator or a 622/626 AMT that is tired? Have you looked at new Gators and not seen the quality or toughness of your Gator, but with double the price on the tag? If you want to keep the Gator you are used to and the one you can depend on maybe it's time for a rebuilt motor. I have many years experience building these motors  and I can bring your trusty Gator back to life at a fraction of the cost of a new one. Read on to see how it's done.
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   I have a small inventory of 6x4, 4x2 and AMT motors on the shelf, ready to ship. If I don't have the motor you need in stock, I can build it in a short time. I can also do Turf Gator and Bunker Rake motors if I have your old motor for needed bolt-on parts. I do not do any newer round headlight "T" series motors. The most popular rebuilt motor and the one I do the most of is the 6X4 FD620D. I can build 6X4 motors with NEW short blocks or use a good core block. Since the 6x4 motor has been out so long, I no longer try to clean the blocks up and retain the stock pistons. So all motors are bored oversize to accomodate the appropriate piston. I can bore motors .010"or .020" depending on wear ( +.020 is the only over size piston available for the FD620D, a +.010 piston is available for the FE290D). I can also re-sleeve both size motors back to stock bore. All oversized rebuilds are done with a boring bar for exact tolerance and have .002 piston clearance. Only OEM parts are used in rebuilds. All rebuilds have the block deck and head surfaces milled and the heads are ported to match valve seats to head castings, valves are checked for pitting, replaced as necessary, and lapped, valve stems are resurfaced as needed. Water pump is checked and usually rebuilt, and carb cleaned with parts replaced as needed. Most carbs need new needles. All four valve lifter/push rod sets are measured and matched to within .002". Crankshafts and/or camshafts are shimmed to end play tolerance and, if needed, cases and/or case covers are rebushed for cam bearings. Cam and crank gears are checked for backlash while in the case with a dial indicator ( max .005" ) If .005" can't be attained, cam and/or crank gear are replaced. Crank bearing surfaces are cleaned and polished. Starter brushes are checked for wear and replaced if needed, starter drive and solenoid are tested. Block, heads, intake manifold and water pump are leak/pressure tested as a complete assembled unit. Governor and carb adjustments are made to specs. Valves are adjusted before and during testing. All rebuilt motors are extensively bench tested. Motors are run through heat up/cool down cycles for one to two hours, after which they are removed, drained and shrink wrapped. All that's required to make the motor operational in your Gator is an air cleaner, muffler and clutch. The carburetor is set to install your cables. Throttle cable may need adjusting due to throttle spring change. Do not change carb adjustments. A complete core ( carb, starter, linkage, etc. ) is required with all motor sales ( blown up or not ) If you have an unusable core or no core an extra fee will be charged. Warranty on rebuilds is 90 days from day of receipt. Gas motors are shipped via UPS in a box designed for reuse to ship the core back. Diesel motors have to go via motor freight on a pallet due to weight.  New motor will come to you freight freeBuyer is responsible for core return freight. I also can build and test motors with AS-11 carb linkage. ( Below Gator serial number 14949 and engine serial number before 68250 ) Although all rebuilt motors are within tolerance, there will be a normal amount of noise in them caused by the cam/crankshaft gears coupled with normal wear. Older cam gears used to reduce noise are no longer used due to breakage.  I am NOT affiliated with John Deere, but I DO LIKE THEIR GATORS.  This is a retired guy, one man operation and I don't get things done as fast I used to, so it's best to expect a slower pace from this end. Plus I am a Grandfather before I am a Gator guy so I don't work every day or some days not all day. I do all my own work ( except machining ) so there's no one else to blame. I have been on page one of for many years for used parts and rebuilt motors and have an excellent customer relations record.  
                PLEASE READ THIS PARAGRAPH                 PAYMENT  AND  SHIPPING                 PLEASE READ THIS PARAGRAPH                               
I can ship parts via UPS and USPS to any location in the USA. Shipping of larger items needs to be arranged by the buyer. I can package larger items for shipment on a per item basis. If you are a university, hospital, municipality or other like entity, you may contact me regarding payment. All others, I accept three methods of payment, and only three. Cash, a U.S. Postal or Bank Money Order, or a Cashier's Check drawn on a domestic US bank (prefered). If you cannot, or will not,  pay with one of these methods, please don't inquire.( NO EXCEPTIONS ).  No Paypal or credit cards. Payment must be received before shipment is made. I do not ship outside the USA.
      I HAVE BRAND NEW UNUSED AMT 600 IGNITOR/COILS. Direct replacement for John Deere R91234 and Kawasaki 21119-2071  LIMITED SUPPLY  CALL OR EMAIL 

If you have a specific problem with your Gator, I would recommend Go to Forum Index at the right center of their home page and scroll through until you find Utility ATV John Deere Gator, click on that and look for your problem. Most any issue you could have is discussed in that forum.

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         Tired of broken or frayed cables, falling out brake pads, internal brake caliper problems or brakes that just don't work? Tired of paying high prices to fix these problems?

     A complete hydraulic brake system is now available for the 600/622/626. Very few moving parts to go bad with a proven system. Go to AMT Hydraulic Dics Brake section on this page for details.

                Get your 600/622/626 wood hauler ready now with a new hydraulic brake system. Was there  a time or two last season when you didn't think you were going to get that load stopped? Or do you have to aim it somewhere where there isn't anything you can hit? Or maybe you would just like to feel safer with the younger generation on it. A new hydraulic system can let you put it where it needs to go and stop it when it needs to stop.

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